004Waterproof Screen LED SMD. Industrial

Our projectors are LED luminaries of external lighting, with compact frames and aluminum watertight. They possess an optimal heat dispersal which maximizes its lifetime. They have an attractive and elegant design with high luminosity. Moreover, they feature an appropriate IP for its external use. Ideal to illuminate outdoor furniture, short walls, doors, pergolas, etc… They are also suitable for industrial uses, indoor/outdoor warehouses, working areas…

Our high bay luminarie is very efficient, with a high energy conversion and needs very little maintenance. It has a long lifetime, robustness and a high resistance to vibrations. Operating conditions with large amounts of dirt, dust, moisture or aggressive atmospheres. Recommended to illuminate industrial environments, warehouses, workshops and spaces of great height.

00420 20w 1799/2200Lm

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00440 40w 3478/4400Lm

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00450 50w 4712/5500Lm

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