12 mar 2018

JISO announce the launching of our new catalogue for 2018

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In this last edition we include a larger variety of lamps; Moreover, JISO offers the last technologies in all our products, from surface lamps to LED strips, passing through regulation systems.
The catalogue offers a wide range of lamps and technological innovations, with an energy efficiency improvement. We have widened our surface lamp collection, especially downlights models, offering a large variety of sizes for any kind of project. We have also improved our range of directional lamps, with solutions for any kind of project and advanced regulation systems to control the intensity of light.
Following the philosophy of making life easier for our customers; JISO brings a new selection of regulation systems. One of the most innovating novelties is the 32 remote and the new switch and regulation panels. Easy-to-use LED screens that enables all additional functions of illumination.
“Narrow family”: downlights with different sizes with a large number of possibilities. We also offer new light potencies, sizes, round and square lamps. Our downlight lamps can be used not only in ceilings but also in any type of installations, with our range of embedded and surface luminaires.
Another product that has been improved in our new catalogue is our range of profiles.  We include two new floor profiles; it can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, we offer an aluminium profile for wall mounting. Thanks to the different accessories that this product offers, it can be adapted to any contouring.  We also offer a flexible profile to be collocated in curved surfaces and a round profile to be used in wardrobes.
Discover all our novelties in our new catalogue for 2018.


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