14 may 2018

Discover the new Downlight LED 5133 High Power

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JISO Illumination launches its new product 5133 High Power, part of their Architectural Collection

Lighting in large spaces, such as working and commercial centres, hospitals or hotels, among others; must be a factor to be considered.  A bad lighting can lead to accidents, it might difficult employees to do properly their jobs, or even it can modify the mood of the occupants.

Because of that, it is indispensable choose high quality products, as our new model 51533 High Power. This new product is part of our Architectural Collection. This is a recessed fixed downlignt, which can be choose black or technical white finish, so that it can fit perfectly with the decoration of the space. Moreover, colour temperature of lighting (warm, cold and neutral) can be chosen in order to create different ambiences according with the special demands of the commercial centre, work space…

It must not be forgotten that the 51533 High Power model has an attractive design. The diffuser is set beyond the frame which is one of its main characteristics. Furthermore, they appearance is minimalist, with soft lines. So that this product is especially versatile and capable to feet in any ambiance, especially in technical and minimalist spaces, that are now so in vogue in large spaces projects.

In addition, the 51533 High Power model uses LED technology. That is essential in any lighting project, in especial in large areas where light can be operative all day long. LED technology achieve a 10 times better performance than conventional halogen and it can save up to 80% in electricity consumption.

For further advantages, 51533 High Power of JISO Illumination is a lamp which provides excellent sealing; it is protected against humidity, dust and external particulates. They are easy to fit in recessed surfaces and it can count with an emergency kit, which allows courtesy lights, ranged between 3W to 7W, in case of failure in the electrical supply it connects the system; although it is not recommended to use in case of emergency.

51533 High Power model of JISO Illumination is the perfect solution if you are looking a high quality and versatile model. With this new lamp you can light perfectly any large area at the same time that you are reducing your energy consumption.

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