25 jun 2018

Make the difference with your lighting installation at the best price

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Functionality is not at odds with aesthetic. Nowadays, lighting design is working on the combination of these two concepts. Luminaries have to offer lighting efficiency at the same time that they have to fit with the decoration. That’s how we accomplish lighting requirements and, at the same time we achieve good aesthetic and decoration levels.

A good example of this combination between functionality an aesthetic is our Downlight LED Narrow Collection, designed by Jiso Illumination.  The design of this type of luminaires makes possible not only high ceiling installations (surface luminaire) but also false ceiling installations (recessed luminaire). In addition, this luminaire has an excellent aesthetic and design levels; Its pure and elegant lines, in round and square models, make possible its collocation in any type of decoration.

Moreover, for further elegance and differentiation all our models come with a sober and minimal trim ring, it is available in aluminum or white colour. Usually in the case of this type of luminaries the value of design it is not a key issue. However, Jiso Illumination wants that each component of your lighting installation has an aesthetic that makes the difference in your decoration. And at a competitive price!

The new Downlight LED Narrow collection of Jiso Illumination, with its LED technology, maximizes energy efficiency and durability (it will last up to 50.000 hours). Thanks to all these qualities, this type of luminary is perfect for work spaces where it must be provided constant artificial lighting. In addition, this luminary has a colour temperature between 3.000 and 4.000K.

Furthermore, these lamps combine perfectly with other luminaries in your work space. Its sober and elegant design makes possible that they harmonize in any type of decoration, from the classic to the avant-garde.

The Downlight LED Narrow Collection can also offer a great tightness that protects the inside of the lamp from humidity and dust. In this way, failures and operational problems can be avoided, and as a result lamps service life is increased.

Choosing our new Downlight LED Narrow model of Jiso Illumination, you are doing the right choice. Our luminaires offer quality assurance, safety and a good design and functionality. All that you need to light big spaces without doing such a great inversion.

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