13 jul 2018

Safety, reliability and savings with the Jiso Lighting Industrial Collection

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When choosing the lighting for an industrial building, you have to think about the safety and comfort for the employees. Reducing levels of visual fatigue, providing good visibility and ensuring welfare within the company are three factors that influence the quality of production. Something this is certainly in the company’s best interest.

However, we must also bear in mind energy savings. According to the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), the industrial sector is responsible for 31% of energy consumption in Spain. In addition, 10% of the electricity bill of a manufacturing facility comes from lighting expenses. Therefore, it is important that the luminaires chosen to light that establishment use LED technology. This technology provides great energy savings, a longer life compared to traditional bulbs, as well as a significant reduction in costs, both in maintenance and in the electricity bill.

At JISO Lighting, both these notions are at the forefront of our Industrial Collection. The four models of luminaires have LED technology, which maximises their lifespan and, in addition, they offer an optimal heat dispersion. These models can be used both outside and inside, and they each have their own significant advantages.

Our new high-bay 05 offers great reliability, thanks to its LIFUD driver, and has a 5 year warranty. Its new design and lighter weight make it easier to install, while remaining robust and highly vibration resistant. This model is available in 4000k light, which gives a neutral light, very similar to the natural one, or in 6000k light, which is cool light that generates a perception of greater luminosity (similar to that of a very sunny day). This industrial high-bay is designed to be installed suspended and is suitable for conditions with large amounts of dirt, dust, humidity and extreme conditions.

The 008 and 08 models are projectors specifically designed for outdoor lighting, but they can also be used inside buildings and work areas. Their attractive design makes them ideal for small walls, outdoor furniture, doors or pergolas for example. They are available in cool or neutral light and in different sizes, so you can choose exactly what you need. Models 008 and 08 stand out for their energy efficiency, reliability and long lifespan.

Another surface model of the industrial collection is the water-proof screen  (model 004). They are also designed for outdoors but are perfect for industrial use, such as interior building lighting, due to the lighting capacity they offer, as well as their level of energy efficiency and their high-quality waterproofing, which protects them from moisture and external particles. The JISO Lighting water-proof screen are available in different sizes, to fit your needs, and in 4000k (neutral light), although we do stock some with 6000k light (cool light), if you need it. At JISO Lighting we have a wide range of products to help you choose the best for your company.

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