14 jun 2019

JISO Smart Control

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JISO ILUMINACION, after the exceptional feedback received with its LED Strips Control System, has decided to extend it, apart from the LED Strips, to a bigger rate of product in order to control downlights, spotlights, panels, bulbs and even to switch On/Off different items which are not dimmable. Besides, with the main objective of making life easier to our customers, the control has been universalized with the introduction of PanelTactil 32, the future launching of Switch 32 and the developing of the JISO APP which joint to the reference JISO SmartWifi will allow to customers the lighting control via Mobile Phones or Tablets with software Android or IOs.

In the previous scheme it is possible to see the JISO Smart Control system with and its components. Control devices (Mando 32, PanelTactil 32, Switchs and mobile device) are located in the middle, next to them we find the controllers (Control-V10/20/31/32, Control-C10 y S-10, SmartDriver 15/36, bulb 1LHE-CR9, floodlight 01810-C98R-01 and Socket 10), which are managed with the control devices, and, finally, the lighting devices in which the control is done (LED Strips, downlight, spotlights, panels, etc.).

JISO Smart Control system offers, to the final user, to opportunity to take advantages of a customized control, economic, with easy installation and easy use, in which additional wiring will not be necessary thanks to the 2.4GHz wireless signal.

This novel system allows to unify the control of different lighting fixtures in any place thanks to the following control devices:

  • Mando 32: Up to 4 Zones control (On/Off, Single Colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW o RGB + CCT).  (Pg.: 225_Cat. ’19)
  •  PanelTactil 32: Up to 4 Zones control (On/Off, Single Colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW o RGB + CCT). (Pg.: 227_Cat. ’19)
  • Switch 10: Up to 2 Zones control (On/Off, Single Colour). (Pg.: 229_Cat. ’19)
  • Switch 20: 1 Zone control (CCT). (Pg.: 230_Cat. ’19)
  • Switch 31: 1 Zone control (RGB/RGBW). (Pg.: 231_Cat. ’19)
  • Switch 32: (Developing) Up to 4 Zones control (On/Off, Single Colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW o RGB + CCT).
  • SmartWifi: Up to 16 Zones Control (On/Off, Single Colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW o RGB + CCT) thanks to JISO APP. (Pg.: 233_Cat. ’19)


Furthermore, control devices can be associated with a series of controllers or integrated control devices whose allow the lighting control and regulation.

  • Control-V10: Single colour LED Strip control. (Pg.: 214_Cat. ’19)
  • Control-V20: CCT LED Strip control. (Pg.: 215_Cat. ’19)
  • Control-V31: RGB/RGBW LED Strip control. (Pg.: 216_Cat. ’19)
  • Control-V32: RGB + CCT LED Strip control. (Pg.: 217_Cat. ’19)
  • SmartDriver 15:Control of luminaires compatible with SmartDriver 15 (3015-C9MmA).(Pg.: 218_Cat. ’19)
  • SmartDriver 36:Control of luminaires compatible with SmartDriver 36 (3036-C9MmA). (Pg.: 219_Cat. ’19)
  • Socket 10: Control without regulation. Only On/Off.(Pg.: 221_Cat. ’19)
  • Control-S10: Control without regulation. Only On/Off.(Pg.: 222_Cat. ’19)
  • Control-C10: Phase-Cut luminaires control. (Pg.: 223_Cat. ’19)
  • 1LHE-CR9: RGB + CCT dimmable bulbs.(Pg.: 235_Cat. ’19)
  • 01810-C98R-01: RGB + CCT dimmable floodlights.(Pg.: 237_Cat. ’19)


The combination of the above products allows us to control basic domestic and tertiary installations with innumerable advantages such as:

  • Easy and effective operation
  • Easy installation
  • Easy matching
  • Easy use
  • Versatility thanks to the integration of different types of lighting in a single control device.
  • Adaptability to new developments (APP, voice, etc.)
  •  Amplifiers are not necessary (controllers auto-transmit the signal)
  • Possibility to control with traditional wall switches (push button)


Following newsletter will show each product group informing about how to make the installation, configuration, uses, etc.

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