Actions Environment


From JISO ILUMINACION, S.L., company dedicated to develop, manufacture and commercialize indoor and outdoor luminaires for different spaces as a residential areas, commercial areas, public areas, etc., in which the customer focus, the continuous improvement and the respect to the environment conform the fundamental pillars of its decision making, we are glad to inform you we have adapted our Quality and Environment System to the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. And, as a result, our system got certified, by SGS, in June 2021.

For this reason, during 2021 and after the data analysis of 2020 and 2019, we detected in our facilities an increasement in water consumption about 40%, what became to place water consumption as a SIGNIFICANT ASPECT in our evaluation of environmental aspects, and even if the COVID’19 exceptional situation could justify this increasement, JISO ILUMINACION, S.L. stablished a target to reduce a 5% of the water consumption regarding 2020.

This target it has been achieved during 2021 in which JISO ILUMINACION, S.L. reduced the water consumption a 35% from 2020.

Besides, JISO ILUMINACION, S.L. stablished, also, a target to remove the plastic bags from:

-  Driver JISO (by BOKE)

-  Industrial Floodlights


This target was achieved as well, and, until December 2021, we eliminated more than 5000 plastic bags from the related products.

We will continue updating the information from the actions taken.