TRIAC Master Controller with PUSH function. JISO SMART CONTROL.

Control: VOICE (Echo o Google Assitant)

APP Tuya // JISO Smart Control (RF y WIFI) // PUSH

Input Voltage: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz

Output Voltage: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 

Output Current: 1,5A (150-360W)

Size: L52 x W52 x H26 mm

Working Temperature: -30° C ~ +55° C


- TRIAC Master controller for Phase Cut dimmable luminaires and bulbs. Also compatible with other different JISO Smart Control single colour devices such us Control-V10, Control-C10, Control-S10 and SmartDriver 15/36.

- CONTROL-TS10 can work as a WiFi-RF converter to control, as a master device, different JISO Smart Control devices, with same light features, by VOICE, Tuya APP and PUSH.

- Thanks to Tuya APP it can be controlled the brightness and/or ON/OFF, programme scenes, music function, remote access…

- VOICE control, thanks to Tuya, via Amazon ECHO (ALEXA) or Google Assistant.

- Compatible with JISO SMART CONTROL devices (Mando32, PanelTactil32 and SmartWifi + APP JISO)

- When introducing a CONTROL-TS10 in each circuit of an installation in which JISO Smart Control is integrated, this device allows customers to add the above functions to a JISO Smart Control existing installation and, as a result, it allows the installation to be controlled by VOICE or remote access. It will be mandatory to integrate a CONTROL-TS10 in each circuit (zone) to work as a Master and matching the other devices (Control-V10, Control-C10, Control-S10 or SmartDriver 15/36) as a slaves.

- Easy configuration by pressing different sequences.


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