Single Colour Controller. JISO SMART CONTROL

Control: RF 2.4GHz or PUSH Switch

Input Voltage: 5-36Vdc

Output Voltage: 5-36Vdc

Output Current: 1 Channel / 8A (per channel)

Size: L97 x W33 x H18 mm

Distance: 30m (from remote to controller directly)

Working Temperature: -30° C ~ +55° C

(JISO recommends to use it with its 24V LED Strips and 24V Power Supply Units)

- Smooth dimming and switch without any flickering.

- Each controller can accept up to 10 remote control (included wall panel remote).

- Auto-transmitting function, one controller can transmit the signal from the remote to another controller within 15m, so the remote control distance can be beyond 100m.

- Can be WiFi controlled by APP installed on IOS or Android mobile devices while working with WiFi-Relay controller (developing).

- Please take into account the current output to define the length of the LED Strip and its power.

(máx. 10m continuously, each LED Strip, due to voltage drop and overheating; if it is necessary more than 10m please design two LED Strip symmetric;  E.g.: If 15m then separate in 7.5m + 7.5m).


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