Dimmable DALI


Characteristics of DALI Dim adjustment

- In DALI dim adjustment the driver is controlled digitally by means of specific software that transmits the commands to a DALI controller which transmits them through the DALI protocol to luminaires, blinds, doors, etc.

- It allows you to control different elements of a house from the same point.

- It allows you to control luminaires of the same circuit, jointly or independently. Each luminaire has an address within the system.

- Dim adjustment is done in a specific way and a numerically determined value can be programmed.

- It is possible to control luminaires through this system with sensors, control panels, dimmer switches, etc.

- Each bus (two wires) can manage up to 64 devices in a maximum of 16 groups.

- With DALI, desynchronisation is avoided

Conditions for Use

- Needs L and N power plus two control signal cables.

- The control signal cable needs to be powered from a point (DALI bus).

- Access to the configuration software is necessary.

- The dimmer switches must indicate that they are compatible with the DALI protocol.

Recommendations for Use 

- New or existing installations, in which it is possible to install the control cables.

- Installations in which the installer has sufficient knowledge in order to perform the installation and configure it.

- Professional installations in which the client is willing to invest both in the luminaires and in the control systems.

- In installations in which there is already a pre-established home automation and that this is intended to be expanded with the lighting.

- Very professional facilities of a level and kind that require this degree of technology.

- In large installations with centralised control.

- Installations for clients who are conscious of saving energy and caring for the environment.

Installation diagrams DALI (BOKE driver) 


 Image 15. DALI connection diagram


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In which terminals of the driver does the DALI dimmer switch connect? 

(See previous installation diagrams)


 Image 16. Example connection with driver 3042-47MmA

The drivers supplied with the DALI dim adjustable luminaires have two terminals identified as DA (sometimes also as DA 1 and DA 2). These terminals are where the cables from the DALI BUS should be connected.

The following should be taken into account in the options in which the driver, in addition to DALI dim adjustment, also allow for PUSH dim adjustment:

- If the driver is BOKE, the DA terminals become PUSH L and N.

- If the driver is TCI the terminal for this last type of dim adjustment is located next to the AC power supply (L and N) and, therefore, between the DA1 and DA 2 input, and the AC power supply will always remain an intermediate terminal in which nothing will be connected and which will correspond to the PUSH connection.

Is it possible to dim adjust DALI luminaires in an analogue manner?

DALI is a digital and addressable communication interface for lighting systems and so, by definition, it is not possible to use an analogue controller for DALI dim adjustment.

I have purchased a DALI dim adjustable luminaire but I want to use a switch to dim adjust it. Is this possible?

It depends.

JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL. luminaires which are compatible with DALI dim adjustment systems, depending on the characteristics of the driver that they include, can have, apart from the DALI dim adjustment option, the option of dim adjusting by means of a switch (PUSH) or a 1-10V system.

This option is a feature of the DALI luminaires that incorporate the drivers with the following reference numbers:

  • 3042-47MmA
  • 3060-47MmA
  • 3025-43350
  • 3030-43MmA
  • 3055-43MmA

On p. 349 of our catalogue you can check which luminaires the drivers indicated above are used in.

Can I control DALI dim adjustable luminaires using KNX?

It depends.

It will be possible as long as a KNX-DALI gateway is installed in the installation for DALI dim adjustable LED loads.

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