13 jul 2018

Safety, reliability and savings with the Jiso Lighting Industrial Collection

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When choosing the lighting for an industrial building, you have to think about the safety and comfort for the employees. Reducing levels of visual fatigue, providing good visibility and ensuring welfare within the company are three factors that influence the quality of production. Something this is certainly in the company’s best interest.

However, we must also bear in mind energy savings. According to the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), the industrial sector is responsible for 31% of energy consumption in Spain. In addition, 10% of the electricity bill of a manufacturing facility comes from lighting expenses. Therefore, it is important that the luminaires chosen to light that establishment use LED technology. This technology provides great energy savings, a longer life compared to traditional bulbs, as well as a significant reduction in costs, both in maintenance and in the electricity bill.

At JISO Lighting, both these notions are at the forefront of our Industrial Collection. The four models of luminaires have LED technology, which maximises their lifespan and, in addition, they offer an optimal heat dispersion. These models can be used both outside and inside, and they each have their own significant advantages.

Our new high-bay 05 offers great reliability, thanks to its LIFUD driver, and has a 5 year warranty. Its new design and lighter weight make it easier to install, while remaining robust and highly vibration resistant. This model is available in 4000k light, which gives a neutral light, very similar to the natural one, or in 6000k light, which is cool light that generates a perception of greater luminosity (similar to that of a very sunny day). This industrial high-bay is designed to be installed suspended and is suitable for conditions with large amounts of dirt, dust, humidity and extreme conditions.

The 008 and 08 models are projectors specifically designed for outdoor lighting, but they can also be used inside buildings and work areas. Their attractive design makes them ideal for small walls, outdoor furniture, doors or pergolas for example. They are available in cool or neutral light and in different sizes, so you can choose exactly what you need. Models 008 and 08 stand out for their energy efficiency, reliability and long lifespan.

Another surface model of the industrial collection is the water-proof screen  (model 004). They are also designed for outdoors but are perfect for industrial use, such as interior building lighting, due to the lighting capacity they offer, as well as their level of energy efficiency and their high-quality waterproofing, which protects them from moisture and external particles. The JISO Lighting water-proof screen are available in different sizes, to fit your needs, and in 4000k (neutral light), although we do stock some with 6000k light (cool light), if you need it. At JISO Lighting we have a wide range of products to help you choose the best for your company.

25 jun 2018

Make the difference with your lighting installation at the best price

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Functionality is not at odds with aesthetic. Nowadays, lighting design is working on the combination of these two concepts. Luminaries have to offer lighting efficiency at the same time that they have to fit with the decoration. That’s how we accomplish lighting requirements and, at the same time we achieve good aesthetic and decoration levels.

A good example of this combination between functionality an aesthetic is our Downlight LED Narrow Collection, designed by Jiso Illumination.  The design of this type of luminaires makes possible not only high ceiling installations (surface luminaire) but also false ceiling installations (recessed luminaire). In addition, this luminaire has an excellent aesthetic and design levels; Its pure and elegant lines, in round and square models, make possible its collocation in any type of decoration.

Moreover, for further elegance and differentiation all our models come with a sober and minimal trim ring, it is available in aluminum or white colour. Usually in the case of this type of luminaries the value of design it is not a key issue. However, Jiso Illumination wants that each component of your lighting installation has an aesthetic that makes the difference in your decoration. And at a competitive price!

The new Downlight LED Narrow collection of Jiso Illumination, with its LED technology, maximizes energy efficiency and durability (it will last up to 50.000 hours). Thanks to all these qualities, this type of luminary is perfect for work spaces where it must be provided constant artificial lighting. In addition, this luminary has a colour temperature between 3.000 and 4.000K.

Furthermore, these lamps combine perfectly with other luminaries in your work space. Its sober and elegant design makes possible that they harmonize in any type of decoration, from the classic to the avant-garde.

The Downlight LED Narrow Collection can also offer a great tightness that protects the inside of the lamp from humidity and dust. In this way, failures and operational problems can be avoided, and as a result lamps service life is increased.

Choosing our new Downlight LED Narrow model of Jiso Illumination, you are doing the right choice. Our luminaires offer quality assurance, safety and a good design and functionality. All that you need to light big spaces without doing such a great inversion.

25 jun 2018

Faites la différence avec tes installations au meilleur prix

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Il n’y a pas aucune raison pour laquelle fonctionnalité et esthétique soient incompatibles. Actuellement, le design de luminaires parie de plus en plus sur l’unification de ces deux concepts. Les luminaires doivent assurer un bon éclairage, au même temps qu’ils doivent s’harmoniser avec le décor. Cette combinaison est le secret pour garantir des espaces non seulement avec une esthétique et un décor soigné, mais aussi  un espace qui répond aux exigences d’éclairage.


Un bon exemple de ce fait est la nouvelle collection de Downlight LED Narrow de Jiso Illumination. Ce type de luminaires a été désigné  pour être installé dans les hauts plafonds (surface) et aussi sur faux-plafonds (encastré).  En autre, Ce sont des luminaires avec une excellente esthétique et design, appropriés pour n’importe quelle décoration. C’est à cause ses lignes douces et sobres, tant au modèle carré comme au modèle rond. En plus, ces luminaires sont disponibles en différents tailles pour s’adapter à votre installation.


Par ailleurs, tous nos modèles ont un discret et minimal boîtier en aluminium ou blanc froid pour une plus grande élégance et différentiation.  Ce n’est pas habituel d’avoir la possibilité de modifier le design dans ce type de luminaire.  Mais dans Jiso Illumination on veut que chaque luminaire soit unique, avec sa propre design et son valeur décoratif. En plus, à des prix compétitif !


La nouvelle collection Downlight LED Narrow de Jiso Illumination intègre une technologie LED, qu’assure son efficacité énergétique et une durée de vie moyenne de jusqu’à 50.000 heures. Grâce à toutes ces caractéristiques, ces luminaires sont parfaits pour des lieux de travail qui ont besoin d’un éclairage artificiel continu. En plus, ce luminaire a un couleur de lumière de entre 3.000k et 4.000k.


En autre, ils vont s’intégrer  parfaitement avec d’autres luminaires que vous voulez installer dans le lieu de travail. Son design minimal, discret et élégant permet son emploi dans n’importe quelle décoration,  bien qu’elle soit plus classique ou plus moderne.


On doit parler aussi de son étanchéité, qui protège l’intérieur de l’humidité et des particules. Ça permet d’éviter des pannes et des problèmes de fonctionnement, et par conséquent prolonger leur durée de vie.


Vous ferez le bon choix avec nos modèles Downlight LED Narrow de Jiso Illumination. Nos luminaires offrent garantie de qualité, sécurité, design et fonctionnalité.  Tout de ce que vous avez besoin pour éclairer n’importe quel espace et sans besoin de faire une grande inversion.

01 jun 2018

We attended to The Magic of Communication’s Master Class

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We attended to The Magic of Communication’s Master Class, how we can answer to our interlocutor trough the word

Last wednesday 30th of may, our CEO Mª Carmen Giménez and the responsible of the technical department, Javier Lacalle, were assisting to a Master class organized by the ESIC Business School in Valencia.
At the conference, Miryam Encabo Martín, who is graduated in Information Sciences and the responsible for carrying out of the Master Class, talked about Communication as the main tool for human being. She explained how managing information in an efficient way may improve our chances of success in life.
Miryam also talked about how move the audience with our words and how connecting with people by using efficiently all our communication skills. After all, it is about connecting with people in a deeper way by showing all our charms in order to create real MAGIC.

This Master class enabled us to learn more about communication skills, share experiences and have a very pleasant time.

14 may 2018

Découvrez le nouveau 51533 High Power

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JISO Illumination lance son nouveau modèle 51533 High Power, qui appartient à son Collection Architectural 

L’éclairage des grandes espaces, comme par exemple des lieux de travail, des centres commerciaux, des hôpitaux et des hôtels, c’est un facteur à lequel on doit faire attention. Un mal éclairage peut provoquer des accidents, il peut empêcher que des employées fassent bien leur travail ou même il peut modifier l’humeur de ceux qui occupent l’espace.

C’est pour ça qu’il est indispensable choisir des luminaires de qualité, comme notre nouveau modèle 51533 High Power. Ce modèle a été développé cette dernière année par notre équipe, appartenant à notre collection Architectural. C’est un downlignt encastré fixe, il disponible en finition noir et blanc ; de cette façon le luminaire peut se combiner parfaitement avec la décoration de l’espace. En plus, on peut choisir entre différentes températures de couleur (chaud, froid et neutre) pour créer des différentes ambiances, d’accord aux exigences du lieu de travail, de l’hôtel, du commerce…

On ne doit pas oublier que ce modèle 51533 High Power de JISO Illumination a une apparence très attractive. Son principale caractéristique est son diffuseur qui est placé en retrait par rapport au contour du luminaire. En outre, il a un design soigné avec des lignes douces. Tout ça permet avoir un luminaire très versatile et capable de s’intégrer dans n’importe quel décor, surtout en espaces techniques ou minimalistes, qui sont si très habituels aux grandes espaces.

En plus, le modèle 51533 High Power utilise la technologie LED, cette caractéristique est  très importante dans n’importe quel projet d’éclairage, mais dans le cas des grandes espaces il est fondamental car les luminaires peuvent être en fonctionnement pendant toute la journée. La technologie LED permet d’avoir un rendement dix fois mieux que des halogènes traditionnels et on peut économiser jusqu’à un 80% dans la facture d’électricité.

Si on a besoin de plus d’avantages grâce au modèle 51533 High Power de JISO Illumination, il est un luminaire avec un niveau d’étanchéité parfaite, parce qu’il est protégé contre l’humidité, la poussière et les particules étrangères. Les luminaires sont faciles à installer sur surfaces encastrés ; en plus, on peut avoir un kit d’émergence, qui permet un éclairage de courtoisie d’entre 3W et 7W, ce kit active le système en cas de panne de courant,  par contre il n’est pas recommandé son usage en cas d’émergence.

Le modèle 51533 High Power de JISO Illumination c’est la solution parfaite si on cherche un produit versatile et de qualité. Avec ce modèle on pourra éclairer parfaitement n’importe que grand espace, au même temps qu’on peut faire des économies dans le consume d’énergie.

14 may 2018

Discover the new Downlight LED 5133 High Power

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JISO Illumination launches its new product 5133 High Power, part of their Architectural Collection

Lighting in large spaces, such as working and commercial centres, hospitals or hotels, among others; must be a factor to be considered.  A bad lighting can lead to accidents, it might difficult employees to do properly their jobs, or even it can modify the mood of the occupants.

Because of that, it is indispensable choose high quality products, as our new model 51533 High Power. This new product is part of our Architectural Collection. This is a recessed fixed downlignt, which can be choose black or technical white finish, so that it can fit perfectly with the decoration of the space. Moreover, colour temperature of lighting (warm, cold and neutral) can be chosen in order to create different ambiences according with the special demands of the commercial centre, work space…

It must not be forgotten that the 51533 High Power model has an attractive design. The diffuser is set beyond the frame which is one of its main characteristics. Furthermore, they appearance is minimalist, with soft lines. So that this product is especially versatile and capable to feet in any ambiance, especially in technical and minimalist spaces, that are now so in vogue in large spaces projects.

In addition, the 51533 High Power model uses LED technology. That is essential in any lighting project, in especial in large areas where light can be operative all day long. LED technology achieve a 10 times better performance than conventional halogen and it can save up to 80% in electricity consumption.

For further advantages, 51533 High Power of JISO Illumination is a lamp which provides excellent sealing; it is protected against humidity, dust and external particulates. They are easy to fit in recessed surfaces and it can count with an emergency kit, which allows courtesy lights, ranged between 3W to 7W, in case of failure in the electrical supply it connects the system; although it is not recommended to use in case of emergency.

51533 High Power model of JISO Illumination is the perfect solution if you are looking a high quality and versatile model. With this new lamp you can light perfectly any large area at the same time that you are reducing your energy consumption.

12 mar 2018

JISO announce the launching of our new catalogue for 2018

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In this last edition we include a larger variety of lamps; Moreover, JISO offers the last technologies in all our products, from surface lamps to LED strips, passing through regulation systems.
The catalogue offers a wide range of lamps and technological innovations, with an energy efficiency improvement. We have widened our surface lamp collection, especially downlights models, offering a large variety of sizes for any kind of project. We have also improved our range of directional lamps, with solutions for any kind of project and advanced regulation systems to control the intensity of light.
Following the philosophy of making life easier for our customers; JISO brings a new selection of regulation systems. One of the most innovating novelties is the 32 remote and the new switch and regulation panels. Easy-to-use LED screens that enables all additional functions of illumination.
“Narrow family”: downlights with different sizes with a large number of possibilities. We also offer new light potencies, sizes, round and square lamps. Our downlight lamps can be used not only in ceilings but also in any type of installations, with our range of embedded and surface luminaires.
Another product that has been improved in our new catalogue is our range of profiles.  We include two new floor profiles; it can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, we offer an aluminium profile for wall mounting. Thanks to the different accessories that this product offers, it can be adapted to any contouring.  We also offer a flexible profile to be collocated in curved surfaces and a round profile to be used in wardrobes.
Discover all our novelties in our new catalogue for 2018.


05 feb 2018

JISO at Light&Building 2018

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JISO Illumination will be present once more in the Light+Building fair, which will be celebrated at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre from the 18th to the 23rd of March. Light+Building is an event of the whole lighting sector that takes place in Frankfurt (Germany) every two years.
Our stand will be placed at Hall 5.1, in which all our lighting collections will be present, included indoor and outdoor lighting products. In addition, we are offering techniques as Architectural and Project, and others more decorative such as Beauty.
For this year’s edition of Light+Building, we are preparing a wide range of developments, for example our new surface lamp “Boveda”, available in different sizes and finishings, and our directional lamps family. Moreover, we will present our new collection of outdoor lighting. We hope you have the opportunity to assist to the event and enjoy our new LED lamps.
24 dic 2017

JISO ILUMINATION wishes you a Happy Christmas

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All the team of JISO illumination wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for this New Year.
2017 Has been a year full of changes for us, we began the year publishing our new catalogue full of new developments, that we were presenting in Euroluce 2017 in the city of Milan.
Once we get home, more work was waiting for us; we were visiting our distributors of Morocco and the Middle East.  In the different countries we visited we discovered new projects of illumination where our lamps were present.
Whilst, here in Spain our national coordinators travelled around all the country attending to the different Workshops that ABM Rexel organized in national territory. We were in the events organized in Valencia, Galicia, Rentería, Madrid, Gijón y Tudela.
We also were pleased to form part of a wide range of national projects where our luminaires took place, such as the new shop of Dysama in Valencia, Adams School…
But, in this year full of challenges and new surprises, we are especially proud of the work that all JISO Illumination team has developed.
In these last lines, all the members of JISO Illumination management want to send to our team, collaborators, providers and costumers our best wishes. We hope keep lighting your lives and your dreams as usually.
Happy New Year 2018.
25 nov 2016

JISO Black Friday

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Please, ask your local distributor