Universal Touch Panel Single Colour/TW/RGB/RGBW & RGB+CCT (Control LED Strips RGB/RGBW, Tuneable White, Single Colour & RGB + Tuneable White). JISO SMART CONTROL

Control: RF 2.4GHz 

Distance: 30m

Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Use: Tactile Chromatic Control

Capacity Control: 4 zones

Working temperature: -30º C – +55ºC


- It allows to control different kind of controllers (CONTROL-V10, CONTROL-V20, CONTROL-V31 and CONTROL-V32) in addition to bulbs 1LHE-CR9, floodlights 01810-C98R-01 and drivers SmartDriver 15 and 36 with just one touch panel. One PanelTactil 32 can control 4 different zones with same or different configuration in each zone (for more information please consult).

- It is possible to configure each zone in advance (indicated in the instructions manual).

- Each zone can be paired with an endless number of controllers with same configuration.

- PANELTACTIL32 could control a limited range of single colour downlight (for more information please consult)


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