IR Door/Hand Sensor Switch. Technical Indoor

Input Voltaje: 12-24Vdc 

Max. Current: 8A 

Dimensions: L47 x A78 x H22 mm

Detection ranges: < 10cm

Cable lenght: 2m (PCDETECTORARM)


It is possible to connect up to 3pcs PCDetectorArm to a single PCBoxArm

- Detection mode can be change manually to door/hand mode

- Hand mode: Turn on the light when the hand is passing over

- Door mode: Turn on the light when door is opened

- The distance from the sensor to the door/hand (obstacle) must be within 0.5cm<distance from sensor to the obstacle<10cm. If this requirement is not met the detection will fail.

Sensor-Armarios-JISO Instrucciones 2blancablanca