Reference Driver


Error found in the LED luminary Driver

In the event of error of any products supplied by JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL. we urge you, before removing the installation, to check if the problem lies within the LED LUMINARY or in the DRIVER, by following the instructions you can find in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. This is because, if the problem is located in the driver, it can be easily resolved by ordering said driver from its product store.

To do this, you must simply look for its reference number in the following chart, according to the LED luminary reference number (e.g. 50322, 50220, etc.) and its associated driver brand (e.g. JISO, ELT, TCI, etc.), and then contact its product store to order a replacement.

For example:

  1. LED Luminary reference number 50308-2983-90 would have an associated JISO driver (non-adjustable standard) with Ref Nº 3008-29300.
  2. LED Luminary reference number 50308-2283-90 would have an associated ELT driver (non-adjustable standard) with Ref Nº 3010-22350.
  3. LED Luminary reference number 50308-5283-90 would have an associated ELT driver (adjustable through edge phase cut) with Ref Nº 3010-32350.
  4. LED Luminary reference number 50308-3383-90 would have an associated TCI driver (1-10V adjustable and PUSH) with Ref Nº 3019-33MmA.


Equivalence drivers table


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