Smart Driver 15



Smart Driver Regulable (RF, 0/1-10V y PUSH Direct). JISO SMART CONTROL.

Control: RF 2.4GHz // 0/1-10V // PUSH Button

Input Voltage: 100-265V – 50/60Hz

Output Voltage: 10-45Vdc (it depends on the selected current)

Output Current: 150-700mA (adjustable by DIP-Switch)

Size: L151 x W41 x H30 mm

Distance: 30m (from remote control to the driver directly RF 2.4GHz)

Working Temperature: -30° C ~ +50° C

- Compatible with JISO LED Strip control devices (MANDO32, PANELTACTIL32 y SWITCH32)

- Each driver can be controlled with up to 10 JISO LED Strip control devices. 

- Suitable driver to be coupled with LED luminaires fed by constant current. Check compatibility in configuration table.

- Can be controlled via WIFI by APP IOS or Android when associated with SMARTWIFI (available soon).

- Can also be regulated by 0/1-10V and PUSH Button (for more information consult instructions manual in our web page).

- Regulation with memory.


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