DALI Controller. Technical Indoor

Control: DALI Master

Input Voltage: 12-36Vdc

Output Voltage: 12-36Vdc

 Output Current: 4 channels / 5A (per channel)

Dimensions: L178 x A46 x H22 mm

Working temperature: -20° C ~ +50° C


JISO recommends to use it with its 24V LED Strips and 24V Power Supply Units

- Compatible with all types of DALI Systems

- Manual/automatically DALI address  setting

- DALI address digital indicate

- Four channels with same or independent address

- To work with power repeater to expand output power unlimited

- Waterproof grade : IP20

- Smooth dimming regulation from 0 to 100%

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Compatible with all LED strips of Jiso Iluminacion. DALI address will be configured in the LED strip model