28 sep 2018

Central Battery System for Lighting in Emergency Cases

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In recent times we have received several questions and requests relating to the necessity of lighting compatible with Central Battery Systems (CBS). Consequently, JISO ILUMINACION, SL. has decided to begin its News writing about it.

Before starting, it is highly important to have into account that the luminaires supplied by JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL. are NOT emergency luminaires and that the systems we are talking about do NOT make them emergency luminaires either. These systems just allow the luminaires to continue running for a specific period of time after an electrical shut down.

Besides, a distinction must be made between the two typical systems which supply energy in emergency cases: on the one hand, there are Centralized Systems (Central Battery Systems – CBS), in which a centralization of batteries feed the luminaires in direct current (DC) allowing to achieve a similar power than with a normal supply and, on the other hand, there are Decentralized Systems (EM Kit – Emergency Kit) in which each luminaire has an individual supply system with one or more batteries feeding it in DC, allowing to achieve a power between 3W and 7W. In this article we are going to focus on CBS only.


Focusing now on the matter of the present document, CBS integrate a central module, one single battery or a bank of batteries and the luminaires associated, together with the cables required to make the connections. The luminaires, which are the elements where JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL. takes part in, can be not only conventional emergency luminaires (NOT supplied by JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL.) but also luminaires integrated in the lighting circuit which, maybe all of them or maybe someone located strategically, are intended to keep running after a main supply failure. In this case, normally, unlike the applications with EM Kit, the luminaire will have the same brightness as when working fed by the main supply, but it will be fed in DC from the batteries instead of alternating current (AC). Therefore, the drivers of the luminaires integrating the installation must meet specific requirements because they will have to be able to be fed by AC and DC. Besides, they will have to meet with the voltage input ranges of the central battery supplies, so that not all drivers will be able to be used with this kind of system.


JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL., after several projects with CBS, has decided to create a new reference code for the luminaires prepared to be coupled with a driver compatible with CBS. This code can be identified with a 7 placed after the first five numbers of the references (ex.: 51022-7284-90). Therefore, customers will be able to detect those luminaires which are compatible with CBS in our new catalogue as well as they will find information regarding CBS.

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