Led lighting courtesy for emergency cases


Permanent use (the luminary operates normally with its driver and also under specific conditions when there is a general mains failure)



Non-permanent use (the luminary is installed without a driver and only works under specific conditions when there is a general mains failure)


In the frequently asked questions section, you can find information on technical and installation conditions.

IMPORTANT: The LED luminary the emergency kit will be used for must be clearly indicated because when the LED luminary has been supplied by JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL., additional connector cables may be provided in order to avoid handling of the driver output and the luminary input.

WARNING: The LED luminary set + emergency kit do not make up official emergency units according to regulations. They simply provide you with a back-up luminary of between 3W and 7W when they become activated during failures of the general power supply.

Physical conditions. The units used as an emergency kit (2DCLEDK1 and 2DCLEDK2), as well as the batteries which may be used, have the following dimensions:



Dimensions of 2DCLEDK1 and 2DCLEDK2


Battery  2DCLEDK1 (mm)


Battery  2DCLEDK2 (mm)

WARNING: Due to the aforementioned, it may be the case that, even if the luminary and the emergency kit are compatible, the unit and/or batteries won’t fit the cut-out hole made for the  LED luminary, and therefore will not be able to be installed together.

To avoid problems during installation, we urge you to pay attention to the following table of height restrictions of false ceilings in relation to the diameter of the hole. As well as the height restriction, you must allow for lateral access because if the false ceiling has obstacles, it may not be possible to insert the emergency kit.


NOTE: Guideline values. If the hole diameter of your LED luminary is not shown in the table, please check the next lower figure (e.g. for Ø117mm refer to Ø110 mm).


LED Luminary ceiling installation

Recommendations for Use

The LED luminaire + emergency kit set is not an emergency luminaire according to regulations. It simply allows for courtesy lighting, between 3W and 7W, in situations in which a failure in the general power supply activates the set. It is therefore not recommended for emergency use, according to regulations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are any of the JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL. luminaries compatible with emergency lighting in accordance with regulations?


JISO ILUMINACIÓN, SL. luminaries are not, in any case, emergency luminaries in accordance with the applicable regulations. However, there is the possibility of connecting the luminaries to an Emergency KIT which allows a reduced illumination to be maintained during a fixed time in case of a general mains failure.

These Emergency Kits consist of a control device, which manages the power supply of the luminary, and one or more NiCd batteries, which accumulate energy to be released in the event of a general mains failure.

These Emergency Kits, depending on the model, can keep supplying power to the luminaries with a power level between 3 and 7W for 1 hour or 3 hours, depending on the battery. In addition, it can be installed in the following two modes:

1. Permanent use (the luminary functions as per usual with its driver and it also functions, under certain conditions, when there is a general mains failure)

(see image on next page)


Image 17.Connection diagram Emergency Kit for permanent use

2.2. Non-permanent use (the luminary is installed without a driver and only works, under certain conditions, when there is a general mains failure)


Image 18. Connection diagram Emergency Kit for non-permanent use

I want to add an Emergency Kit to my LED luminary. Are there any limitations with regard to doing this? 


The LED luminary used cannot have a direct current (DC) voltage that is higher or lower than that indicated in the technical data sheets of the Emergency Kit (request a technical data sheet or look up www.jisoiluminacion.com).

If the voltage does not match that indicated, the LED luminary may not turn on when the mains supply fails and the battery should come into operation.

Models of Emergency Kit also exist which have a maximum voltage selector per option selected (Ref. 2DCLEDK1 and 2DCLEDK2). In these cases, depending on the LED luminary, the selector should be set to the correct position.


Image 19. Example of selector settings in Ref. 2DCLEDK1 and 2DCLEDK2

Is it possible to add an Emergency Kit connected to LED strips?

It depends.

YES, this is possible in Ref. 2DCLEDK1 and 2DCLEDK2, but it is conditional on a maximum potential of LED strip installed depending on the voltage of same.

  • 12V → 24W
  • 24V → 30W

In the case of Ref. 2DCLEDK5, 2DCLEDK6, 2DCLEDK7 and 2DCLEDK8, the limitation of the device is conditional on the operating current, and cannot exceed 2.5A.

Is it possible to add a Courtesy Kit (emergency) connected to waterproof displays with reference number 00420, 00440 or 00450?


This type of product is not designed to be connected with a Courtesy Kit (emergency) because, due to its design and manner of placement, there is no space available for its coupling.

 Is it possible to add a Courtesy Kit (emergency) to installations that operate using an AC supply other than 230V, for example 110V or 277V?


The Courtesy Kits (emergency) that JISO ILUMINACIÓN connects with its luminaires only work with AC power supply between 220-240V.

Is it possible to add a Courtesy Kit (emergency) connected with light bulbs with GU10 base?


JISO ILUMINACIÓN has two products – Ref.: 1EH-3 (1h) and 1EH-4 (3h) – that allow you to connect GU10 bulbs to 230V from 3 to 8.5W.

Imagen20 Image 20. Installation examples. 1EH-3 and 1EH-4



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